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Our Series is hosted by Kaelan Hanslo who documents inspiring and impactful stories of our today’s “Hero’s” who were once broken or came from broken dreams and are now conquering and inspiring the world. We talk life, business, relationships, health & fitness, psychology and spirituality.

Stay Tuned as we interview some of the funnest, sexiest, fittest, motivational, inspiring individuals on the planet.

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Host & Co-Creator  @KaelanHanslo | Co-Creator @JamieWindell | Video Editor  @KeeganFinlayson / @Primal_Outdoor_Media


Kaelan Hanslo

Kaelan Hanslo is a business owner running his own biokinetics practice with a passion for people. He describes himself as a seeker of truth, wanting to know the truth about business, relationships, mental and physical fitness as well as spirituality. He also is a Wellness Coach and loves educating people on living your best life on your terms.

“Knowledge is potential but applied knowledge is Power”.

Kaelan Hanslo



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  • JP Eblen | Night Guard Security
  • Rumwell Mabundza | Blume App
  • Conor Militz | XYZ Digital Media

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